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You're Leaking Massive Amounts Of Cash.

Discover the latest marketing technology every smart artist & label wants to know about. This changes everything. The new way to make millions of dollars in additional revenue in the music industry.


“One of the biggest mistakes I see artists making in 2019 is neglecting their true fans”. 


  • Mistake #1. Not leveraging the latest technology you’re leaving massive amounts of cash on the table.
  • Mistake #2. Losing that personal connection with your true fans because you’re not crafting personalized messages based on their behavior.
  • Mistake #3. Being generic with your marketing campaigns so you miss out on the inner circle effect (which is the key to sustainable revenue). 
  • Mistake #4. Not sending exclusive offers or limited edition merch to your true fans which could double or triple the lifetime value of each true fan.

Are They Passive Fans?

How many True Fans do you have? But how many of those followers are passive followers who never actually buy your stuff?

Or Average Fans?

And how many are simply average fans who, if you’re lucky, buy 1 album or 1 concert ticket in their entire lifetime? How many of them are true fans?

Or Are They True Fans?

Have you ever tracked that number? Have you ever identified your true fans? What percentage of your audience will drive 200 miles to see you perform?

Times Are Changing

You know the music industry has significantly changed over the years. Old marketing tactics from 10 years ago, or even 2 years go, don’t work anymore in 2019, especially with today’s generation of music lovers. Because of social media and the ever-evolving internet, kids are smarter than ever before, especially when it comes to street lifestyle & music CULTURE. Fans feel entitled and so artists feel pressured to put out a consistent flow of new content…

No More Fake Ass Gimmicks!  

And they are repulsed by gimmicks, cheesy sales tactics, and like never before, they crave authenticity. They see right through the fake shit, and the disingenuine publicity stunts.

People are sick of shameless self-promotion and more than ever they want something REAL. And never before in history has an artist or label had access to this kind of technology…

Recent Revelations

Enter Google and Facebook tracking pixel technology…Big data and retargeting tools have changed the marketing landscape and the way we do business in 2019.

Making it possible to identify your true fans and send personalized messages so you can connect with your audience on an intimate level. 

The Big Secret: Small Is The New Big

I am about to reveal to you a new way to make money in the music industry. Before you can truly understand the power of this secret controversial technology and this weird new marketing method… You first need to understand the phenomenon of a TRUE FAN. I’m sure you know that not all fans are created equal. There is a huge difference between a passive follower, an average fan, and a true fan.

What is a True Fan?

In 2008, WIRED founder Kevin Kelly wrote an essay titled “1000 True Fans”. This essay also captured the imagination of artists and entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss who asked Kelly to update his original essay for the 2016 book Tools of Titans.

Fundamentally, the idea of 1000 True Fans is simple—find your best customers and get them to keep buying from you. The True Fan concept has taken the internet by storm…

    Millions of Dollars in Revenue, Just Sitting There Waiting For You.

    True fans can make up over 80% of your potential revenue but most artists are missing this opportunity. If you can identify, leverage, and activate your true fans you can make millions in additional revenue without wasting time or money attracting any more new fans. This is the beauty of leveraging your true fans …

    How To Identify Your True Fans

    There are 3 secret methods to identifying your true fans: Tracking Pixels, Big Data, and Fan Scoring. Down below you can read a quick summary of each secret method to identifying your true fans. You can click the link below each article to get a more detailed explaination.

    Secret #1: Tracking Pixels

    Google and Facebook, which also owns Youtube and Instagram, has something called a tracking pixel. You can put one of these babies on your website pages and every piece of content you post on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube… And this allows you to track the behavior of everyone who engages with your content.


    Secret #2: Big Data

    There are many software companies that provide this service. Some better than others. However, most of them are not built for the music industry. But I have stumbled upon a way to combine the best software tools together to identify your true fans, activate them, and monetize them at-will.



    Secret #3: Fan Scoring

    Imagine your fans going through a journey. First, they hear a song, then they watch a video, then they download the song, then they buy a concert ticket, then they buy some merch, etc. Let’s call this the “Fan Journey”. You can map out your own Fan Journey as a line with point A to point B, with lots of little steps in between.


    How to Activate Your TRUE Fans With “Tribal Marketing”.

    These different categories of fans can be separated and isolated into groups. With the right combination of technology, marketing automation, and campaign framework these groups can be marketed to individually.

    Each fan-type can receive different content based on their behavior.  We do this with something we call Tribal Marketing.

    How to Monetize Your True Fans With The True Fan Ecosystem™

    This is what a True Fan Ecosystem Looks like… (ABOVE IMAGE)

    This allows you to leverage a cocktail of pixels, big data, fan scoring, and a bunch geekery to identify your true fans and isolate them from your average fans or passive followers so you can send personalized messages triggered by their behavior. 

    Then you can create custom offers and exclusive merch packages that make your fans feel special like they are part of an elite inner circle who have a direct connection with you as an artist.

    3 Deadly Strategies For Profit

    Every true fan feels like they have a relationship with you and know you personally. This is the new way to make massive amounts of cash from your brand. Bottom line is you are leaving millions of dollars on the table.  

    • Deadly Strategy #1: Get New Fans
      • (If you are any good than you are already doing this well… And like they always say “if it ain’t broke, why fix it”?)
    • Deadly Strategy #2: Increase Fan Conversion,
      • by converting more of your average fans into true fans with personalized campaigns (You need to take advantage of this technology ASAP).
    • Deadly Strategy #3: Increase Lifetime Value.
      • If you can increase how many transactions a fan makes, and if you can encourage a fan to buy more stuff and spend more money, you can increase the lifetime value (this is the biggest opportunity for you in 2019)

    Bottom line is, if you are NOT:

    • Leveraging the latest technology 
      • you are leaving massive amounts of cash on the table…
    • Activating or monetizing your true fans
      • you you are missing out on millions of dollars in revenue…
    • Creating an “us bubble” with your true fans you are losing that personal connection with the fans who pay your bills.
    • Crafting or sending personalized messages You are being way too broad with your marketing campaigns so you are missing out on the inner circle effect
    • Sending exclusive offers & limited edition merch to your true fans which could double or triple your lifetime value of a fan then book a call with me today.

    Identify, Activate, & Monetize Your Audience With The True Fan Ecosystem™

    An automated system that can identify activate and monetize your true fans is the Holy Grail to marketing in the music industry. The problem is they are super complicated to build. Lots of things can go wrong when building a system like this.  

    We’re talkin’ pixels and targeting. Custom conversions and coding. Tagging and tracking and testing. Optimizing. Designing.Installing. Domain mapping. Decades of copywriting experience. And that’s not even scratching the surface. (Tequila, anyone?) 

    I’ve done a lot of things right and a lot of things right.

    I'm Chris Campbell.

    • I’ve been doing digital marketing for over 10 years now…
    • I’ve done big campaigns for Nike and Red Bull…
    • I’ve done campaigns from some well-known streetwear brands I’m sure you know about…
    • I’ve been secretly been working with a handful of successful music artists whose names can’t be revealed due to a nondisclosure agreement…
    • Over the years, I’ve got really good at using marketing automation and big data software to create dangerously profitable marketing campaigns to generate millions of dollars in revenue for my private clients
    • What has made my campaigns successful? By sticking to one main rule… “I do marketing for the year we live in”. So if it’s 2019 I market like it’s 2019.

    Let Me Do It  For You. And You Can Even Hijack My Teach Team Without Paying the Six Figure Salaries.

    Get Your Tribal Marketing Blueprint:

    You don’t have to go through all the trials and tribulations that I had to go through to master this. I made tons of mistakes and some of those mistakes were super expensive.

    There’s the easy way and the hard way. I had to learn this the hard way. You get to cheat 😉 and do it the easy way…

      Why The Fuck Would You Want to Hire The Revenue Dog?

      Most marketers do not know how to do this. Especially in the music industry. If you hire me, you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. If you hijack my tech squad you don’t have to deal with the software and pixel geekery. Plus, I have a proven system. My True Fan Ecosystem is battle-tested and proven. And, I got your back every step of the way.

      There Is No One Size Fits All When It Comes To Marketing Your Brand

      You have your own unique brand… Your own unique audience … You have your own unique way of communicating with your fans.

      So I want to design a custom tribal marketing blueprint for free.  Where together we outline your True Fan Ecosystem based on your goals.

      After we come up with the strategy, I’ll break down the details in writing… based on your current promotions, tours, and merch… Then if you like my gameplan and if you love the blueprint… We can talk about how much it cost to build this out for you and how long it takes to see results.

      I Don’t Work With Everyone

      I can only work with a handful of private clients at a time. Right now, I just finished a project and I have some free time to take on some new projects. So I thought I’d reach out to some of my favorite artists. 😉

      So if you want to take advantage of this new technology and build out a True Fan Ecosystem simply click the red button anywhere on this page and book a call.

      Maybe we can do something really dope together.


      Chris “Revenue Dog” Campbell