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Learn Your Time Value Potential



Eliminate Desk Waste & Increase Your Time Value

After working with sales teams for most of our professional careers, we’ve found that most talented closers work between 40-60 hours a week, but only spend 5 hours a week with their ideal prospects closing deals. We’ve identified the most critical time terrorists that create Desk Waste and prevent salespeople from doing more Real Work. What are your biggest areas of waste? Simply fill in the estimated hours your sales reps spend on each task to calculate their TIME VALUE. Just like your closers are always trying to keep their closing rate as high as possible, they should also know their Time Value and constantly strive to improve it.


Got questions about how to boost your ROI with Time Value Optimization? Here’s the common questions and terminology that will help you get up to speed and implement game-changing strategies to be in the top percentile of High ROI Sales Teams.

What Is TIME VALUE and why should I increase it?

Your TIME VALUE is one of the most important metrics you should focus on increasing as a high ticket sales business. By measuring how much time your sales reps spend on revenue-generating work activities compared to non-work activities. The higher your time value the more revenue a closer generates per hour. 

What is a TIME TERRORIST & why should I  care?

Desk Waste is caused by something we call Time Terrorists. The mundane tasks that your closers are doing that can be automated or delegated for a much lower cost in order to save time. As a sales manager or CEO of a high ticket sales business, you are at war. You need to focus your resources on destroying Time Terrorists.


Time Value Optimization is a proven method to destroy time terrorists, eliminate desk waste, and increase time value by leveraging the art of strategy, digital marketing, automation, technology, and big data to transform sales teams into RUTHLESS, time-savin’, lead capturin’, hardcore-closin’, FULLY STACKED, sales machines.

How do I eliminate or reduce time spent on qualifying calls and prospecting by hand?

If closers only spend 5 hours or less on closing calls, where does the rest of their time go? The rest of his talent is wasted on mundane tasks and prospecting by hand. Things like sending emails, leaving voicemails, qualifying calls, overcoming common objections, educating the prospect, chasing down leads, etc. Desk Waste can be eliminated with Time Value Optimization

How do I eliminate desk waste?

Once you know where most of your Desk Waste is coming from you can prepare to eliminate and destroy Time Terrorists with a method we call Time Value Optimization. This method leverages the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 Rule to identify the Time Terrorists that are terrorizing your time. Once you know that 80% of your results are coming from 20% of your efforts, TVO method allows you to eliminate the bulk of the work that wastes your sales reps time and allows you to multiply your efforts to produce more sales revenue in the same amount of time.

How do I increasethe time my closers spend with qualified sales opportunities?

An average sales rep spends most of their day filtering through unqualified leads to finally find a handful of good ones. Most of the leads might be UNCLOSABLE because they are not the right fit, or they are not qualified. If you implement the Time Value Optimization Method, you can use an unorthodox marketing system to pre-qualify the leads with videos with your funnel before they ever talk to your sales rep. This saves the closers massive amounts of time so they are spending all their valuable time talking to perfectly qualified “ready-to-buy” prospects. 

How do I stop wasting time overcoming common objections and repeating scripts?

One of the best ways to reduce friction during the closing process is with video content. If you have a list of objections and rebuttals you provide to your sales team, that can be re-purposed into video content for your website and emailed to the prospect prior to the call. 

How do increase my TIME VALUE?

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How do I eliminate time wasted on sending emails and following up by hand?

Most sales teams have a CRM, and most have canned emails they send to their prospects BUT most sales teams are NOT using a method called Lead Scoring to identify the hot leads and separate from the warm leads, or cold leads, or unqualified leads. Most sales team are not using email automation software properly. If done right, this email automation method can increase your closing rate and lead flow without spending more money on marketing. 

How do I filter out unqualified prospects so my closers only talk to our ideal clients?

75% of the sales relationship should be nurtured online with digital marketing, only 25% of the customer’s buying journey should be spent on the phone or in person talking to a sales rep. One of the best ways to pre-qualify, filter out bad leads, and reduce friction on sales calls is to give value and educate them up-front with video, blogs, and email marketing. With the TVO method, you can put this on autopilot so your sales team can wake up every morning to perfectly qualified leads on their calendar. 


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