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Our Done-For-You Funnels Help You Get High Ticket Clients Without Wasting Time On Prospecting.

No More Cold Calls

A closer should be closing, not wasting time with gatekeepers. Our sales funnels will allow your closers spend more time with qualified sales opportunities.

More Revenue

No more feast or famine with your sales pipeline. Experience consistent flow of high quality leads and pre-qualified sales opportunities with your own automated appointment generating machine.

More Leads

We build done-for-you sales funnels using psychologically perfected copywriting to help you generate high ticket clients for your agency or consultancy.

Less Prospecting

How many more sales can you make if 80% of your time was spent in pre-qualified conversations with high ticket sales opportunities.

More Clients

No more wasting time on cold calls, cold emails, or LinkedIn messages. Use that precious time to close more deals and get more high ticket clients instead.

Save Time

We use funnels to generate bookings of high ticket sales opportunities automatically so you’re not wasting time chasing down leads.
Done For You Funnels That Get Results

Unlock Your Full Potential. Eliminate Unqualified Sales Calls

Our automatic sales funnel is designed to eliminate repetitives steps and book hot appointments. A prospect will be introduced to your perfect sales pitch every time, while you focus on more important tasks that drive results. By the time they book an appointment they are qualified and excited to meet you.

Wasting Time Qualifying Leads?

Building The Same Value Over And Over?

Overcoming The Same Objections Daily?

Having Uncomfortable Sales Conversations?

What Is A Sales Funnel?

Without going into the geeky tech stuff, a sales funnel is a series of steps that use proven psychology to turn a stranger into a hot prospect automatically.

Who Is This For?

Our Funnels are designed for Entrepreneurs, Agencies & Consultants who find themselves needing to free up time while booking more paying clients.

What is The Process Like?

We don’t just throw you into the ring and expect you to know what to do. Once you’re introduced to your sales coach, you will follow a step by step process that will create your perfect sales pitch. Then the nerds will get to work building your automated funnel which you can plug into and start selling.

1. Identifying Your Most Ideal Client
We take the time to help you understand who your best buyer is so you can find more of them and your funnel can filter out the troublemakers.
2. Creating Your Value & Position
It’s what you say and how you say it that attract or repel people in your sales process. We help you develop the perfect language that makes you hyper-attractive to the people you want to win as clients.
3. Constructing The Offer
When we’re done with your offer, we’re going to make what you sell the juciest thing on the block. Your prospects will jump on the phone with you.
4. Funnel Construction
We will take what we’ve learned together in the previous steps and turn it into an automatic online funnel that you can send to your prospects.
5. Test And Optimize
You didn’t think we were just going to let you wander off on your own did you? We’re going to install a suite of tracking software that will let us analyze the behavior of leads on your pages and make sure the funnel is performing correctly.

Each day the average salesperson wastes several hours of their day working hard, not smart.

By The Numbers:

1.4 hours per day chasing unqualified leads. 1.6 hours pear day repeating a memorized sales pitch. 2.7 hours per day sparring with the same objections. 5.7 hours of unproductive time that could be used to close more deals or generate better leads.

Even 2 extra sales appointments per day could create 25% additional revenue.

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About Hendricks

During my career, I realized that life is short and we shouldn’t spend it on awkward sales calls with people who don’t really want to do business with us. So, after breaking apart the sales process into it’s essential pieces, I discovered that over 80% of the process was repeatable and a waste of my time. I realized a system could be created that made sales run automatically like clockwork. I set out to discover winning formulas from the greatest sales and marketing minds in the world. Then I spent months organizing all I had learned into a step-by-step funnel system that works automatically. Together with my team, we tested and perfected the Automatic Sales Machine.

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