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'Sup, I’m Chris Campbell.

Also known in some circles of the industry as “The Revenue Dog”. Been in this internet marketing game for 10+ years with a focus on music & fashion.


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I Help Artists & Fashion Brands Monetize Their Audience.

I used to work with a well-known advertising agency in LA and was the marketing mind behind some legendary campaigns for Nike and Red Bull. I’ve also helped build a few iconic fashion brands you might have heard of. 😉

But I hated the politics so I eventually escaped… Nowadays… I work with a handful of private clients, music artists who are lit af who’s names I can’t reveal due to a non-disclosure agreements.

For Real, I Seen It All

In my 10 years of doing marketing in the music industry… I’ve seen a lot of artists come and go… I’ve seen many artists get fame yet fail to be profitable…

Fuck Wasted Talent!

I’ve rarely ever seen an artist with a successful longterm business … I fail to see artists leverage their influence… Which is what I consider wasted talent… 

The Missing Link

I’m not special, I simply discovered the missing link to marketing. In the last 10 years of being in the game, I’ve done a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. But…

The BIG ASS Problem...

The biggest problem I see artist’s making today is putting FAME over PROFIT. They alienate their fans as they get more fame, and they miss out on massive amounts of revenue for their business. I learned this the hard way. The biggest mistake I made in the past was failing to identify and nurture my client’s true fans and predictably monetize that audience with an automated system.

From School of Hard Knocks 

I might not have graduated from an Ivy League School and I damn sure wasn’t born from a silver spoon. But I have years of marketing experience. I’ve studied psychology and I have a deep understanding of human nature. And I’ve used that science and research on evolutionary biology to create a method that most artists are not doing, and it might be one of the biggest mistakes of their career. For example, I was working with one artist who had millions of followers and subscribers and had millions of views on his music videos.


Average profit per year


Average invest per year

Profit OVER Fame

And I also worked with an artist who only had 100,000 followers and only 50,000 views on his music videos. The artist with millions of followers were making far less profit and revenue from his fans than the underground artist with only 50,000 views. What I learned is that FAME does not EQUAL money or profit.  If leveraged properly, it can be a great tool to make more money. But most artists are not doing this right.

BIG ASS Difference

This little known underground artist was identifying his true fans, making them feel special, making their fans feel that they are part of an inner circle of music or fashion, making them feel as if they are part of a cultural movement…


BIG ASS Results

My client sells lots of cool products to his true fans that they cherish. Then they continue to keep buying stuff from you all year long… never having remorse. Once I stumble upon this winning strategy… I tested it out with many of my private clients until I perfected it over the years. Now I turned it into a step-by-step system using the psychological framework and the latest marketing automation tools.

Battle-Tested System

Now my system is battle-tested and future proof.

Since then I’ve been helping my private clients identify their true fans, and monetize their audience with an automated system that brings in cashflow day-in-day-out like clockwork.

My system is predictable, sustainable, and scalable.

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of “famous artists” and “underground artists” on the rise making this career-ending mistake. They are mistaking FAME for PROFIT.

A Story of Two Artists

A good music career should not be based on how many followers you have or how many fans you have. It should be measured by how profitable it is. How valuable is your TIME? If one artist is making $1,000,000 per year in revenue but has to work 40 hours per week, that’s X per hour. Another artist is making $500k per year… But only works 10 hours per week. He makes X per hour… Who is richer? Who is more successful? Artist A or B? If artist B has most of his business automated and most of his tasks delegated and has identified his true fans who actually buy all their stuff, over and over again… He is getting more shit done in less time… Artist B is richer because he values time over money and has a higher satisfaction level for life.

Easy Way VS Hard Way

I learned this the hard way… and lost a lot of money and time. I’ve made lots of expensive mistakes learning how to do this stuff. You don’t have to… You get to cheat and do it the easy way by following my battle-tested method and my proven system.

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