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Franklin’s Story

Franklin is a Facebook advertising expert and charges $2k per month for his service and usually gets them to sign a 6 month contract. So each client is worth $12,000.

When he came to me he was frustrated because he spent most of his time doing sales and prospecting and cold emails. And every time he got a few good clients, he would spend all his time with them and would neglect sales.

So he would be “rich” one month. And “broke” the next. And his dream was to create a digital nomad remote work environment. He wanted to leave his LA based shared office. He also wanted to work less hours and do it all from a laptop on a beach in South America.

Our Results

We Completed His First Funnel In 4 Weeks

So we deployed a series of funnels. One to pluck ice cold leads from Facebook and turn them into high ticket clients. Another was designed to follow up with people, educate them, and bring them back into the sales process.

Franklin Spent $5,000 In Total Advertisement

Once all of these funnels were deployed Franklin didn’t have to do barely any work. All he had to do is have 1 or 2 high level conversations per day. 3 Days per Week.

He Closed 7 New Clients On 6 Month Contracts

He reached $38,000 per month. And because he is spending most of his money in South America. The dollar is worth way more. He’s living the life.

$5k Investment

New Clients

Days Per Week

$100k Per Month

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