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Not Just Surviving Anymore

Kevin’s Story

Kevin owns an SEO agency and he has 3 sales reps. He also does sales and SEO himself, and has a small team of SEO guys to help him service the clients.

When I first met Kevin I asked him how’s business? He said “Surviving”. Which didn’t sound too good. He said I’m getting a steady flow of 5 – 10 clients per month. But most of my clients can’t afford the service I want to provide. I want to sell $5k per month services. Not $500.

Our Results

We Completed His Funnel In 4 Weeks

We build a funnel designed to attract his ideal $5k per month clients.

Kevin Spent $2,000 In Total Advertisement

He invested less than $2,000 in ads to drive traffic and closed four $5k clients and brought in $20k in revenue within 3 weeks. That’s $10 for every $1 he spent on ads. 10x his money. 1,000% ROI!!!.

He Closed 10 New Clients Each At $5,000 Per Month

So the next month he invested $4k and we launched a follow-up funnel and he ended up getting over $50k in revenue from 10 high ticket clients. And he’s been growing ever since.


$2k Ad Spend

High Ticket Clients

$20k in Revenue

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