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Stop The Cold Calling!

Tom’s Story

 Tom owns a sales training consulting firm and he has training programs for big sales teams. With a strong background in sales he was already doing well with a 30-man sales team doing cold calls, emails, and word of mouth from their events.

Tom knew about marketing funnels and how powerfully they worked. He was inspired by going through Tony Robbin’s funnel as a fan, and realizing how powerful it is.

But once he had to deal with the technology and hiring people to help him, it was a nightmare for him. Trying to figure out the tech was stressful. And hiring lots of different marketing specialists who talked a big game but didn’t back it up with results. 

Our Results

We Completed His Funnel In 4 Weeks

We built him one of our simple done-for-you funnels designed to attract high ticket clients. At first he only gave these exclusive sales opportunities to his top closers.

His Top Closers Started Setting "Golden Appointments"

Pretty soon, the top closers started calling them the “Golden Leads”. The rumor spread across the entire 30 man sales floor. And all the other sales reps wanted the Golden Leads. So we had to scale up the traffic into the funnel but shortly after our funnel was setting up appointments automatically for his entire sales team.

His Advertising Budget Was Never Spent Better

They spent $15,000 and within 6 weeks, they brought in over $325,000 in revenue. Now we are building funnels for every step in the process including his onboarding, follow-up sequences, and referral programs.


$15k In Ads


$325k in Sales

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