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The 80/20 Rule

Richard’s Story

Richard owns a management consultancy out of Orange County, California. He helps executives and enterprise level businesses make technology decisions. His sales reps were building lists of targeted businesses, sending out cold emails, and following up with cold calls. They were spending 6 hours per day on prospecting. And only 2 hours (if they were lucky) on consultations with high ticket sales opportunities.

Our Results

We Completed His Funnel In 4 Weeks

We built a funnel specifically for his ideal clients that qualifies and sells the client with video content before a sales rep even gets on a call.

They Began Increasing Their Lead Generation

His sales reps started getting their calendars booked day-in day-out like clockwork with qualified sales opportunities who actually wanted to hear from them.

The Sales Team Is 55% More Productive With Their Time

His sales reps have doubled their own personal monthly income and with their expanded sales team, the company as a whole is getting 5X their monthly revenue compared to before having this predictable lead source.



% Increase In Sales

X More Revenue

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