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B2B Software Company

The More Complicated The Sale, The Better!

Eric’s Story

Eric reached out to us a while back. He owns a software company. His clients are solar and renewable energy companies. He was getting most of his high ticket clients by going to big solar conventions and setting up a booth for his software. He was also doing a lot of networking on LinkedIn.

He came to us because he realized that he was overwhelmed with all the steps in the sales process such as networking, events, and cold outreach, he was spending 4 hours per day on LinkedIn and sending out emails, 2 hours on cold calls, and another 3-4 hours on emails, and another couple hours building lists, just to get 1 or 2 clients per month, but he would get so busy on-boarding clients he would neglect prospecting and fall behind on sales. So it was feast and famine with his business. He was either riding the high of a big $50k client or he was nervous about where his next client was going to come from. He would constantly be dealing with anxiety from his unpredictable income.

Our Results

We Completed His First Funnel In 5 Weeks

He’s been selling to his ideal clients, but just wanted more of them. We set up the funnel around his best sales pitches.

Eric Fed All Of His Leads Into the Funnel

In 6 Months He Generated 154 Qualified Sales Appointments and Closed 45 of Them.



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