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Did a lot of things RIGHT, and a lot of things WRONG.

After seeing millions of dollars in ad spend and going over more sales metrics than any business owner would ever care to have… I finally stumbled upon a proven system. One thing I’ve learned over the years is tactics and tools always change. But human psychology stays the same. The one thing that makes me different, is I market for the year I live in. Sure I use the latest and great technology and tools and tricks… But I continue to use battle-tested and proven formulas and framework that have worked for centuries in history.

Then I Discovered…

How crucial marketing is to the success of any company I wanted to master that skill in order to build long term success for my own companies and any company I consult for.

Ben Hendricks

Rogue hacker turned marketing mastermind.
Beyond his accomplishments in marketing and revenue generation, his predictive abilities are most notable.
Ben was telling people there would be an app for that before there was a phone for the apps. Youtube began to overtake all television in 2017.

Ben was telling businesses that they would go extinct if they didn’t join the conversation on social media and embrace new ways of serving their customer base. Today you can see big unshakable brands declaring bankruptcy everywhere around you.

Chris Campbell


  • Started in sales and lead generation for mortgage and financial services

  • Built and ran sales teams and marketing departments for several big financial companies earning them over a hundred million in revenue.

  • Started working with a marketing guru and helped him build his agency to 7 figures within 12 months.

  • Started my own agency and consulting business…

Mike Brooks

  • I used to do sales in mortgage and financial (big ticket stuff), I been in management and I’ve ran sales teams
  • Always struggled with lead generation…
  • Then when I teamed up Ben and Chris, it changed everything
  • When I met Chris and Ben I discovered a new marketing method that speeds up your sales cycle and allows you to fill up your calendar with perfectly qualified sales opportunities, without wasting time chasing down unqualified leads.

Richard Le


  • Started in sales at age 17, been in sales for 12+ years.

  • Did all kinds of sales, face to face, group sales, phone sales, etc.

  • Managed a call center and led it to $0- $1.3 million in sales in 90 days.

  • Opened my own call center which failed due to ineffective marketing.

  • Discovered how crucial and important marketing is to creating long term and even short term success.

  • Been obsessed with learning marketing.

  • Built a sales and marketing consultation program to help sales teams improve their sales processes, and create a compelling BRAND which inspires loyalty and raving fans.

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