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This is Is The New Way To Sell Mortgage in 2019

The true measure of a man’s wealth is a man’s time-value.
The more you optimize your time…
The more valuable your time becomes…
The more profitable you become…

I’m not talking about “saving time”, I’m talking about increasing the value of your time. There’s a big difference.

This is what the old school mortgage model looks like…

You get licensed and open up shop. You close a few deals yourself. You hire a few loan offices to help. You then find a steady lead source and scale up to 5 loan officers, maybe 10 reps.
You supply your sales reps with a desk, a phone, an email, and most importantly LEADS, then they close a certain number of deals per month.

That’s it. That’s the business model. Very simple. And you can make money if you have a good consistent source of leads…

The traditional way of thinking is… Hire more sales reps, get more leads, close more deals.

Sounds logical enough…

However, there’s a big problem with this old school business and this traditional way of thinking… In fact, there’s a bunch of problems. This way of selling mortgages is fundamentally flawed and too many mortgage brokers and high ticket sales teams are still doing it this way and this needs to change.

The biggest problem is how much time and resources are wasted.

Most mortgage companies have a team of very talented loan officers who are skilled in the social art of closing deals. That skill is valuable and should be maximized.

The problem is most mortgage sales teams spend all their time chasing leads, prospecting, qualifying, repeating a script, overcoming coming objections and limiting beliefs, getting into quote battles with competitors, sending emails, leaving voicemails…

And they don’t spend enough time actually closing deals!

This gives CEO’s and Sales Managers something I called the More Complex.

That’s when you want to scale your company and make more money but you do not identify the root of the problem so instead, you seek MORE, MORE, MORE!

They start asking themselves questions like…

How do I get MORE traffic to my website?
How can I generate MORE leads?
How do I get my sales reps to make MORE calls?
How can I recruit MORE sales reps?

More, more, more! Don’t give yourself a “More Complex”.

When maybe you should be asking yourself questions like…

What can I eliminate in my business that will make my sales team more productive? How can I do more with less?
How can I automate my team’s tasks?
How do I delegate tasks more effectively?
How can I eliminate the time-wasting tasks my team does every day?
What are the non-revenue generating activities my team does, and how can I eliminate them, automate them, or delegate them?

Doing More With Less: How To Multiply Your Sales By Slaying Time Time-Vampires

High ticket sales teams are constantly being haunted by Time Vampires that suck them dry. One of the biggest vampires of them all is something called Desk Waste. 

As a mortgage broker, you’ve Calculated your Desk Cost… 

Now Calculate your Desk Waste.

I’ve been working with and around high ticket sales teams long enough to know two things….

If coffee is for closers, sales floors need to up their coffee game. No more black tar.

And that every salesperson and manager worth their salt knows what Desk Cost is… It’s how much it costs to maintain a salesperson so that he can be available to make sales calls and close deals.

But there’s another calculation you can do that will drastically increase your team’s success. 

It’s called Desk Waste: The amount of REAL Work that is leached out of your salesperson’s day. 

Desk Waste centers around the TIME your salesperson spends doing Non-Work which gets in the way of them doing Real Work.

The more Real Work your sales team does, the higher your Return on Desk Cost will be. 

And being the nerds we are… we have a calculator for that…

But to calculate Desk Waste, we have to understand the difference between Real Work and Non-Work.

What is Real Work…? 

You know what that is… When a hot prospect is on a call with your salesperson and he/she is doing what they were meant to do… solidify the relationship and close the deal.

Everything else can be automated or delegated.


I’m not trying to eliminate the salesperson’s job. This article isn’t about replacing the salesperson, it’s about putting them in the best position to apply their skill and waste as little of it as possible. To separate the Non-Work from the REAL Work.

But you may not even notice the Non-Work is on your sales floor. Maybe you even think it’s Real Work when it’s actually not.

Are you being fooled into thinking Non-Work is Real Work?

For as long as sales have been around, we’ve put up with these Non-Work time wasters as part of the job. But I am a nerd… I was a nerd before it was cool to be one. 

And a nerd is a salesperson’s best friend… Why? Because we will pick apart everything that’s happening and figure out ways technology and advanced research can be leveraged.

Let me show you how by describing what non-work actually is for a sales team…

The Green Berets had a super smart way to organize their men into teams and categories, each person in the squad has a specialty and a strength.


If you find yourself doing any of these… seek help… No, seriously!
We compiled a list of the top 9 Time Vampires that contribute to Desk Waste for high ticket sales teams, financial consultants, and mortgage brokers.

***mistaking low quality leads for non-product aware leads. ***slow leads vs fast leads

1 – Prospecting By Hand

One of the biggest time vampires and contributors of Desk Waste is prospecting by hand and manually wading through piles of low-quality leads is Non-Work. Your closer knows how to close. They have high EQ skills. They’re not a data entry specialist. Every minute a Closer is not on the phone with a hot Product Aware prospect is a waste of your valuable desk cost. There are data automation tools and ad platforms you need to begin leveraging as soon as possible.

[Insert customer awareness chart here]
Customers are in one of these stages, and timing is half the battle.

2 – Hopping On A Qualifying Call

to see if a prospect has the motivations and criteria is Non-Work. There are two ways this is hugely wasteful. First, what is a closer doing on a call with someone who isn’t ready to close? Again, the closer should be talking only to hot Product Aware prospects who have asked to be sold. Everyone else should be filtered through the automated pipeline. The second way this is creating massive waste is…

3 – Disqualifying Prospects Who Won’t Close Immediately

By telling a prospect to take a hike, you’re pointing their little hiking boots straight to your competitor. Just because a prospect isn’t in the Solution Aware stage, doesn’t mean they’re not worth your engagement. Your salesperson might be turning them off to your company AND warming them up to your competitor at the same time. And that’s not good. Instead you could keep them in your automated pipeline and engage with them until they pop up and are begging to buy.

4 – Building Value With “Interested” Prospects

who are not Product Aware is Non-Work. Ahh the “tire-kickers”… They trick us and we’re so easily duped into spending our valuable time on them. And if your team is on the phone PITCHING them, that is a DISASTER waiting to happen. If they’re interested, they will listen and read and watch material inside your automated pipeline. And if that material convinces them, they will activate the next step all by themselves, no closer needed.

5 – Repeating The Same Pitch Over And Over

is definitely Non-Work. I see this all the time… And there’s two ways this is just wasteful… First, most pitches are a feeble attempt to bring a person from cold to hot. A cold prospect needs to absorb 3,000*** words to bring their mind into a buying decision. You can’t really rely on most of your salespeople to remember everything necessary in one call. So instead the pitch is shortened and loses it’s teeth. Only Problem Aware people are going to be attracted to these kinds of pitches and the rest we write off as “Unclosable” (but we’re deceiving ourselves). And the second way this is wasteful is because if it’s something you have to repeat to every prospect… then can’t it be recorded and distributed automatically when the prospect is ready to listen to it??

6 – Overcoming Common Objections 

on the phone with a Solution Aware prospect is Non-Work. Again… These objections are COMMON… So why repeat them over and over instead of displaying them to the prospect before the call… Or better yet (pro tip) offering them to the prospect as trackable value content in your automated pipeline?

7 – Going For The Close Too Soon

before a prospect has scheduled a time for you to close them is Non-Work. Real Work is when a prospect schedules a call with the salesperson and basically says “I feel like I know and trust your company and I’m on the cusp of buying, but I have this weird objection that you couldn’t possibly know about because it’s unique to me and I’d like to talk to someone before I pull the trigger”.  Is this even possible?? Oh, most definitely it is… What’s the secret?

8 – Sending emails & CRM Upkeep

This is a huge time vampire that can suck up hours of closers’ time. This can be eliminated with the Time Value Optimization method.

9 – Quote Battles With Competitors

How many times does your sales team get into bidding battles, where they have to go back and forth with several emails and calls before they finally settle on a deal. And often times, still lose the deal to another broker who is giving them a “low-ball quote”? This can be eliminated with the Time Value Optimization Method.

How To Eliminate Time Vampires and Increase The Time-Value of Your Sales Team So You Can Maximize Your Profit and Get a Better Return On Investment.

Well, like we always say… Sales, is essentially delivering the right message to the right person at the right time…

And the secret to accomplishing that is for your company to be anywhere and everywhere at once:

If your prospect is realizing they have a problem at 3 am… you’re there.

If they’re wanting to learn more about your company after work hours… you’re there.

If they’re about to lose trust in you due to a common objection on their lunch break… you’re there.

And NO, I’m not suggesting you make your closers answer the phone at 3 am to overcome common objections.

The new way to sell a mortgage requires a paradigm shift. You will need to think about your business model in a different way… You have to start measuring your time-value. 

This new method requires you to set-up your business in a way that optimizes the time of your sales team…

Instead, use technology to provide your prospects what they need to see to move them into their buying decision when they’re ready to see it. 

By leveraging technology, automation, and using this unorthodox marketing method you can transform your sales team into a time-savin’, hardcore closin’, lead generatin’, FULLY STACKED marketing team.

Time Value Optimization 

Time Value Optimization will make your sales team’s life easier so they can focus on what they do best, closing deals! 

Do you know your time-value? 

Take the Time Test Survey and measure your “Time Value” with the Time-Value Calculator.